Monarch Film Corporation Ltd.

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Logo descriptions, photos and videos by bigladiesman


British film distributor that stayed about 40 years in the film business, from the late forties to the late seventies, generally working on B-movies.

1st (known) Logo (1940s-?)

Visuals: On a shadowy grey background is a scepter with an eagle on its top. Behind it there's a crown. Then "MONARCH" in a medieval-like font and disposed as an arch fades in above the top of the crown. After a few seconds the phrase "FILM CORPORATION LTD." fades in below, just in front of the sphere at the bottom of the scepter. The whole thing fades out after about 10 seconds.

Technique: Just the letters fading in.

Audio: A long, bombastic fanfare.

Availability: It was spotted on a VD Of Spanis Love Happy.

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