Molesworth Limited Production

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1st Logo (19??-1989)

Visuals: On a space background, there is a blue rectangle flying about. It stops at the center of the screen, then flips to the right, revealing it to be an emblem consisting of a ring with a star split in half (with the right side of the star shifted a bit downwards). The Chinese and English name "星輝影業有限公司" and "MOLESWORTH LIMITED PRODUCTION" zoom out with a trail effect letter-by-letter. As the company name appears, the ring behind the star gets filled with a rainbow color.

Technique: Backlit CGI.

Audio: A synthesized fanfare.

Audio Variant: On one print of Iron Angels, the fanfare is arranged differently.

Availability: Appears on Guests In The House and Life Is a Moment Story.

2nd Logo (September 14, 1989)

Visuals: On a black space background with a blue glow on the bottom, there is a bright flash, which dies out as several golden stars zoom out to the center, forming an emblem consisting of a rainbow ring with a silver star over it. The emblem shines as the Chinese name "星輝影業有限公司" pop up letter by letter in red, followed by "MOLESWORTH LIMITED PRODUCTION" zooming out below with a blue trail effect.

Technique: A mix of cel animation and CGI.

Audio: A droning note, followed by "twinkling" sounds. This segues into a stock fanfare (the reorchestrated version of Y. C. Lai Film Production theme).

Availability: Only seen on Angel III.

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