Midori Entertainment

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Midori Entertainment was a Burbank, California-based television production and distribution company that developed, produced, and distributed TV projects for broadcast, cable, digital, and ancillary markets. The company began creating E/I programs in 2004 with the premiere of Animal Atlas. In 2005, the company was renamed to LongNeedle Entertainment.

Logo (2004-2006)

Visuals: On a black background, a green leaf floats around and toward the silvery words "MIDORI ENTERTAINMENT", landing in the center, causing water to ripple below. A spark flies around the stem of the leaf clockwise.

Variant: A later variant exists where the leaf flies to the point where it's off-center, before the words rise up as a ripple appears, apparently a pond with light reflecting off of it. Shadows are seen below the words.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A gentle synth choir, piano, and string tune. Later it was a five-note piano.

Availability: Seen on old episodes of Animal Atlas. Season 8 episodes have the LongNeddle Entertainment logo.

Midori Entertainment
LongNeedle Entertainment