Micro Genius / TXC

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Micro Genius was a division of the Taiwanese company TXC Corp. Originally the company developed Famiclones, but later developed and published a number of Famicom games.

Logo (1991-1994)

Visuals: Over a blue or green background, the logo of Micro Genius is shown near the top of the screen, being a stylized "小天才" in red with a bold, blue border, with a face below it near the right. Below the logo is the wordmark of the company in a bold font. "TXC" in segmented lines is shown below these two, and the copyright of TXC is shown at the bottom.

Variant: On Qi Wang, the background is green, the Micro Genius wordmark is in a reddish color, and "TXC" is in blue.

Technique: A still, sprite-based graphic.

Audio: None; though later games used an 8-bit fanfare.

Availability: Seen on the Famicom games Qi Wang, Creatom, Strike Wolf, Thunder Warrior, and Journey to the West.

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