Metal X International

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1987-1992)

Visuals: Over a space background, a transparent background slides in as the tune develops, which in this background has "METAL". Behind it is a metallic wreath rotating around the screen. The wreath flips over to reveal an "X", while still rotating. This continues on for a few more seconds, before everything in the screen fades out. "METAL" flies in letter by letter onto the screen. "X" zooms in, and the wreath from before alongside "INTERNATIONAL" zooms out. The logo then crossfades into the print logo.

Technique: Early computer animation.

Audio: A synth-country tune lasting 52 seconds. It is unknown if the jingle is stock music.

Availability: Can be seen on adult tapes from the company, such as "The Bottom Line".

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