Mei Ah International Limited

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Logo (Mid 1990's)

Visuals: From black, a 3D model of a film camera appears rotating over a dark green marble background, with its light illuminated in yellow. Once it faces to the left, the camera morphs into a videotape. The videotape rotates to the right, facing to the top, and morphs into a Laserdisc player. The tray of the Laserdisc player comes out, revealing a Laserdisc. The Laserdisc flies out of the player, and the player disappears. The Laserdisc rotates vertically, and changes into the Mei Ah logo, with the golden borders and the insides of the oval logo in white. The logo moves near the top, while the golden Chinese text "美亞國際集團", along with "Mei Ah International Limited" below, zooms out at the bottom, rotating downwards facing the screen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A series of whooshing sounds, with a "thud" when the camera morphs into the videotape, and a motorized sound during the Laserdisc player part.

Availability: Seen on a few Laserdisc releases such as The Fire Boat, mostly preceding the Mei Ah Laserdisc logo.

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