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MediaPro Pictures is the largest film and TV production company in Romania, part of MediaPro Entertainment, alongside with the other production units from Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Since 2009, MediaPro Entertainment is a part of CME (Central European Media Enterprises), a vertically integrated media and entertainment group, who operates broadcasting, internet and TV content companies, leaders on their market segments.

1st Logo (2010-2015)

Visuals: The screen pans out from the left of the giant construction on a black glass floor, with the black sky and orange spotlights behind. After a few seconds, the construction reveals to be "MPP" in orange.

Technique: Unknown

Audio: The closing theme to the series.

Availability: Only appears in Romanian soap opera Iubire și onoare (In the Name of Honor). It is currently unknown if it appears on other television series.

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