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Logo (1966-1980s)

Visuals: On a cloudy background a seal zooms towards the camera. On a curved banner at the top is written "MEDALLION", under it is "TV". As the seal stops, "Presents" in a script font is written out.


  • Sometimes "Release" appears instead of "Presents".
  • There's also a color version of the logo. Oddly enough, the color logo usually precedes B&W movies.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation and cel animation.

Audio: A drum roll, though sometimes it may be silent.

Audio Variant: On The Delta Factor, The music from the Walter Reade Organization logo was played over the logo.

Availability: The company mainly distributed obscure B-movies on TV, but the logo is usually kept intact. Appears on The Crawling Hand, The Slime People, Attack of the Animal People, and The Wild Wild World of Batwoman. These films were featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the logo is fortunately kept intact on all three. It also appears on the old VHS version of the softcore feature The Bellboy and the Playgirls, the directorial debut of New Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola, as well as at the start of each episode of the Drew Cummings documentary series The Making of (one videocassette where this is preserved is the UAV release of the episode RoboCop).

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