Mata Home Entertainment

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Mata Home Entertainment was a subsidiary started by Vision Interprima Pictures, which distributed older Indonesian films and soap operas as well as a handful of films by North American Pictures in home video.

Logo (1998-2000)

The screen fades in to a white background, and then the black/white gradient filmstrip from the bottom left corner of the screen places in the center as the square zooms in rotating. As they both are in place, the black circle with two white dots on it with the curved line fades in. Then the rainbow-colored line comes from the right to the center. "Mata" fades in as the red letter "a" wades as the words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" place underneath the line. The black background fade out as the film strip dissolves and the logo fades out.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A light synth tune before becoming slightly triumphant.

Availability: Only seen on North American Pictures titles distributed under this label, as well as a few older Indonesian films and soap operas.

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