Manchete Video

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Manchete Vídeo is a home video division of Rede Manchete, dedicated to distribute documentaries made by the TV network, along with Brazilian-made selected movies.

Logo (1986?-1990)

Visuals: Set on a dark blue background with a gold line on the bottom, the word "VÍDEO" flies to the right as eight "/\/\"s zoom in. Another "/\/\" is drawn in, and then filled with gold, sparkling all over, as "MANCHETE" and "VÍDEO" fly in from both sides, ending in a tilted position.

Technique: Animation most likely made by American scanimate company Image West, who also made the TV network's ident.

Audio: A synthesized jingle, with a bell sound at the end.

Availability: Seen on a Brazilian PAL VHS of Cidade Oculta, but also in other tapes by the same distributor.

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