Major Video

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(Early-Mid 1980s)

Visuals: On a red gradient background, there is a blue tv tube shape with a yellow outline. There is a yellow word "major" and white words "PRODUCCION VIDEO" in the right, stacked on top of each other. White filmstrip dots are shown in the left.


  • A filmed version exists. The background is all solid, the yellow outline for the TV tube shape is omitted, "major" is slightly more bolder, "PRODUCCION VIDEO" and the filmstrip dots are yellow, and a registered symbol is shown to the top-right.
  • Another version has multiple shots of the landscape superimposed on the logo.

Technique: A still computer graphic.

Audio: A gong crash.

Audio Variant: For the superimposed variant, after the gong crash, a guitar synth tune is heard ("Alpha" by Vangelis).

Availability: Seen on Safari 5000.