MacNeil/Lehrer Productions

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MacNeil/Lehrer Productions was originally founded in 1981 as MacNeil/Lehrer/Gannett Productions by Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer and the Gannett Company to produce television specials and assuming production of the long-running MacNeil/Lehrer Report shows (which will soon became the familiar NewsHour title in 1983). In 1986, Gannett dropped out of the venture after five years, leading MacNeil and Lehrer to take control. The organization was sold to WETA in 2014, became NewsHour Productions.

Logo (September 22, 1986-1990)

Visuals: Over a background of repeating blue lines is the blue gradient text "M L" and below it was the text "MacNeil/Lehrer", and underneath is another blue gradient text "PRODUCTIONS", in the same Didot font as the NewsHour logo from the era. A silver slash draws in behind the letters and the text.

Variant: On the Learning in America series, the logo is on a gray gradient background, and shares the screen with the WETA logo.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A harp theme. Otherwise, none.

Availability: The normal logo is seen on the documentary The Story of English. The variant was seen on the Learning in America series.

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