Maa Cassettes

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Logo (2005)

Visuals: "MAA" and "VIDEO CD, both of which have black 3D dimensions and a white glow, are placed over the blank Corel MotionStudio 20th Century Studios template. The structure begins facing the right before slowly rotating to the left. After freezing, it turns back to its original direction. Then, the screen cuts to a space background with the globe and its ring on the bottom right and balls of light zooming towards the screen. "PRESENTS" in 3D is shown slowly sliding towards the bottom right. As a scrolling lime green beam, made up of five horizontal lines, fades in, covering the bottom of the screen and behind the globe, said text turns blue.

Technique: 2D computer animation and CGI.

Audio: There are two soundtracks playing simultaneously: a traditional tabla soundtrack and a fragment of an exciting horn fanfare. The latter is accompanied with whooshes and electronic blasts, which play at random times. The twelve-second fragment is placed thrice throughout the logo sequence.

Availability: The logo can be seen on Jai Chauth Mata

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