Lynch/Biller Productions

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This is the production company of Thomas W. Lynch and Gary Biller.

1st Logo (June 3, 1983-1989)

Visuals: There is a white stylized "LB" with



appearing by the logo with the name separating "Lynch/Biller" and "Productions Inc." The phrase "In Association With" later appears below or above it or sometimes just appears as part of the end credits. In this case, the IAW text may or may not be in all caps.

Technique: A still superimposed graphic.

Audio: The end title theme from any show.

Availability: It was seen on Kids Incorporated and Night Tracks which both no longer air on television. Also appeared on the Andrew Dice Clay comedy special The Diceman Cometh, which can be seen on VHS from Vestron Video. Also appeared on the TV movie Combat High.

2nd Logo (September 1, 1984-May 30, 1992)

Visuals: On a black background, a white spark forms an L and a stylized B, then the text


appears or fades in by the "LB". "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appears below.

Variants: Sometimes, this logo doesn't feature "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" below. Would appear on a gradient shade of blue in 1986.

Technique: 2D CGI.

Audio: A synthesized jingle, ending in an orchestral hit or the end theme.

Availability: It was seen on later episodes of Kids Incorporated and Night Tracks.

Lynch Entertainment