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Liv TV was a public Chilean channel from Santiago which started broadcasting in 2007 as Canal 54 in UHF. Eventually, after a program changing, the channel was renamed as Liv TV in 2008, but it would eventually shut down in 2009, lasting just three years. In 2014, the channel was reopened after it was acquired by Grupo ANPE, and was planned to appear in Digital TV. However, nothing more appeared since 2015, meaning that the channel and its owner company are probably closed.

Canal 54

Logo (2007-2008)

Visuals: On a grey water surface is 9 red circle wireframes, which morphs into spheres, while the screen moves to different views of these. Then many spheres appear below and above, forming a "pillar", however, the screen moves to the upper part of it, while the lower spheres disappear. Only 1 red sphere is left, which becomes solid, and the numbers "5" and "4" slides from above and below, respectively, forming the channel logo from the time. Once the numbers are in the circle, the words "TELEVISION ABIERTA" slides from the left and right to below the circle, and the entire logo shines.

Variant: On a very dark background, a red sphere with the previously mentioned numbers "54" appear being lighten, then the screen fades from black to a space background with some spheres of the same style as the logo, appearing rolling on a black floor. The screen fades again to black, and the same spheres appear rolling, but this time almost towards the screen. The screen fades to black, and this time the red spheres appear moving to a hole with the appearance of the channel logo, and there's also a "shadow" of the logo. The screen fades to black, and we see a big sphere (actually, a big version of the logo) being formed and covering some red spheres. A light beam scans the sphere, making it solid, and the number shines. The logo fades to white.

Technique: 3D animation.

Audio: Unknown

Audio Variant: A strange synth theme.

Liv TV

Logo (2008-2009)

Visuals: On a dark green background, there is a "54" which changes of font. The background zoom out revealing to be a dark green water drop-like shape on footages of tree leaves, while the "54" is remplaced by some characters, and finally by the word "LIV" in different fonts, until it appear in a Helvetica-like font. A black circle with "tv" appear in below the "V" and the words "canal 54" and "otra televisión" appear below the logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Unknown, with an announcer which says "Liv TV, canal 54. Otra televisión"

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