Little Saigon Video

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Logo (1991)

Visuals: Fading in from black, the Saigon Video logo, albeit in 2D with a simple border around it, zooms out to the top left corner as it changes through different colors. In the background, a large multicolored object rotates in the background. As it moves into position, the background suddenly shifts to the red section as "(c)Copyright 1991" appears at the top of the screen in a white serif font, and the blinking text "Little" in the same font. The futuristic text "SAIGON" wipes in from both sides in the middle, starting off white before also starting to color-shift. Below that, "VIDEO" in the same font starts rotating in and out of view, quite obviously a chroma-keyed model. It keeps spinning until it eventually stops as well and the text stop shifting colors, remaining on a bright green. The logo continues with the blinking text, rotating background, and hue shifting logo before fading out.

Technique: Live-action, chroma-keyed models, and 2D animation.

Audio: A slower, more dreamy remix of the Saigon Video fanfare.

Availability: [Examples?]

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