Limelight Productions (UK)

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Logo (1988?-February 27, 1995)

Visuals: On a black background, the handwritten text "LiMELiGHT" flashes in letter-by-letter from the center. Shortly before finishing, "a" and "production" fade in from the top left and bottom right of the text.

Variant: On Edward VIII: The Traitor King, a picture of a TV set and a human body in a blue suit is displayed on top of the text. They are also inside a tan box and paired with the Hart Ryan Productions.

Technique: 90s computer effects.

Audio: A fast, reversed "four-to-the-floor" drum loop with a reverb effect.


  • It appeared on original prints of the first season of ReBoot as well as its behind the scenes special titled "Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot".
  • It was also seen on Edward VIII: The Traitor King.
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