Les Productions du Guilledou, Inc.

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Les Productions du Guilledou is the French-Canadian production company which is owned by Y'a Plein D'Soleil's creator and producer, Louis-Paul Allard. The company was founded in 1998.

Logo (1998-2009)

Visuals: On a pink/black/white background, there is a red heart coming from a jumping platform and jumping. However, it accidentally slips and falls as the words:

LES PRODUCTIONS DU---------------------------------------
-----------------------------UiLLEDOU INC.

appear. Then the heart turns into a black heart-shaped G and takes place to complete the word "Guilledou".

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Bumping sounds as the heart start to jump, a slipping sound as the heart slips, and a wave effect as the G comes to complete "Guilledou".

Availability: Seen at the end of every episode of Y'a Plein D'Soleil on TQS after the announcer says the supporter's list.

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