Kultur (Contact Bumper)

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Bumper (1981-2000's)

Visuals: Over a black/blue gradient background is yellow text in Korinna instructing how to contact Kultur.


  • Tapes in the mid 1990's feature the text in a different serif font and pink.
  • Beginning in 1998, the text is all white, in a different serif font, and now includes Kultur's Internet homepage.
  • Later DVD releases to use this have an overall cleaner appearance, with different text now in Arial and the word "Kultur" slightly shaded for a three-dimensional appearance.
  • On Holiday of Ballet, the screen cuts from the ending instead of fading in from black.

Technique: Digital text generation.

Audio: None.

Availability: The original version can be seen on A Classical Christmas, War and Peace, Cinderella, Holiday of Ballet, and Baryshnikov at Wolf Trap. The later variant can be seen on The Ballet Workout II and The French Impressionists: The Cast of Characters. The 1998 variant appears on Heifetz Master Classes.

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