Krug Filmstudio/Availability

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1st Logo (April 1, 1988-May 15, 1995)

Title Date of Release Source / Additional Info
Власть Соловецкая April 1, 1988 Debut appearance
Assa September 16, 1988
Загадка Эндхауза December 24, 1989 The company is referred to as "Krug Studio".
Черная роза January 1990 Mosfilm co-production variant
Так жить нельзя September 1, 1990
Расстанемся, пока хорошие August 9, 1991 Mosfilm/Pyramid co-production variant
Дом под звездным небом October 10, 1991 Mosfilm/Inkombank co-production variant
Нелюбовь October 15, 1991 Mosfilm co-production variant
1000 долларов в одну сторону December 1, 1991 Mosfilm co-production variant
Официант с золотым подносом October 5, 1992 Mosfilm/Paritet Films co-production variant
Анкор, ещё анкор! October 10, 1992 Mosfilm/Domino 21 Limited co-production variant
Маленький гигант большого cекca Mosfilm co-production variant
Арбитр 1992 Mosfilm co-production variant
Сонм белых княжен Top section-aligned variant
Какая чудная игра May 15, 1995 Final appearance; Mosfilm/Mirabelle Film co-production variant

2nd Logo (March 25-November 20, 1999)

Title Date of Release Source / Additional Info
Цветы от победителей March 25, 1999 Mosfilm co-production variant
Послушай, не идет ли дождь November 20, 1999 Mosfilm co-production variant
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