Krasnaya Strela

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Krasnaya Strela (English: Red Arrow) was a production company that was founded by Leonid Lebedev, Valery Todorovsky, and Vadim Goryainov in 2005. The company's first film was Vise (Тиски), which was released in 2007. In 2015, the studio went dormant, and in 2018, the company was excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Logo (February 14, 2008-June 8, 2015)

Visuals: There is a train's light, moving, before the train shows, the train appears, another train is seen, they pass by. Then a shimmering red arrow with "КРАСНАЯ СТРЕЛА" below appears as everything slowly fades to black. The logo flashes for a bit before turning flat.


  • On some of the films, it cuts to black before the logo itself appearing instead of slowly fading.
  • On Hipsters, the logo fades out early.
  • On Angels of Revolution, the logo is still, and the text (which is white in this variant) reads "КИНОКОМПАНИЯ «КРАСНАЯ СТРЕЛА»".

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: A bombastic truimphant fanfare accompanied by sounds of the trains' engines and wheels.

Audio Variant: On Angels of Revolution, the opening theme of the movie is heard.

Availability: It debuted on Swings (Качели). It also appeared on films produced at the time, like Real Dad (Реальный папа), Hipsters (Стиляги), S.S.D. (С.С.Д.), Oxygen (Кислород), Pickup Without Rules (Пикап: Съём без правил), Skipped Parts (Детям до 16...), and The Geographer Drank His Globe Away (Географ глобус пропил). The logo last appeared on Angels of Revolution (Ангелы революции).

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