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Kompas TV is a private-owned national television station in Indonesia that focuses on news content, established in 2011 by Jakob Oetama. Kompas TV is owned by KG Media, which used to be Kompas Gramedia Group. The TV station replaces TV7, the once-owned by the company, as it was bought by Trans Corp, which was established under Chairul Tanjung's leadership in 2006, thus the name TV7 was changed to Trans7, Kompas Gramedia's shares in Trans7 have decreased to almost half of Trans Corp.

1st Logo (2011-2015)

Visuals: TBD


  • Starting in 2014, the word "TV" in red is added at the right of the logo.
  • Sometimes the logo would have a different first background before fading in to the white CGI background instead of black.
  • Another variant with a white "K" and various colored background exists.

Technique: CGI.ackground, and the text slidings.

Audio: A 4-note dramatic violin tune, followed by 1-note piano string and a synthesized choir. One episode of Explore Indonesia has the theme replaced with a 3-note nature sounding choir. Otherwise, the closing theme to the show is heard.

Availability: It was seen on shows released by Kompas TV at the time such as Stand Up Comedy Indonesia, Hidden Paradise, Jejak Nusantara, Temukan Kata, as well as very early episodes of the talkshow Rosi, among others. It was also seen on Asian Food Channel reruns of Urban Cook.

2nd Logo (2015-2017)

Visuals: The Kompas CGI "K" with different colors "white, red, blue" spins only once in a white background. The "KOMPAS TV" print logo, alongside the company's social media accounts zooms in from the left afterwards.

Technique: The K spinning. [possible misuse]

Audio: The closing theme to the show.

Availability: It was seen on Rosi from 2016-2017, Kompas News outlets, Cerita Hati, among others.

3rd logo (2017-)

Visuals: TBD

Technique: The circling CGI, the wipe revaling the logo. [possible misuse]

Audio: A heavy, fast paced orchestra accompanied by an announcer saying "Independen. Terpercaya" (Independent. Trustworthy). Once again, the closing theme to the show plays otherwise.

Availability: Can be seen on Rosi beginning with the episode "Peluncuran Rumah Pilkada 2018" (The Launching of Mayor Election House 2018), Comedy Lab, Singkap, The Interview with Tukul Arwana, Stand Up Comedy Indonesia starting with Season 8, among others. Also seen on Kompas TV news outlets since late-2017. This plasters the 1st logo on current airings of older SUCI episodes as well as older Kompas TV shows, notably Hidden Paradise and Duet (the 2013 Indonesian TV Drama).

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