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Logo (1990s)

Visuals: There is the following footage from the 1975 7-Up commercial "Uncola": in a starfield, some stars shape a crescent moon with a smile, showing that said moon is glittery, while a group of bubbles come from the right of the screen. The camera later pans away from the moon. The sequence then fades to a golden ring with leaves underneath, as a woman in a white dress comes from inside the ring. Then, a cartoon image of a boy on a green background with a smile, red hat, and thick eyebrows appears inside the golden ring. One Hangul text, which is in white, is shown above the ring, while orange Hangul text rises a bit from the extreme bottom.

Technique: Live-action footage and 2D computer animation.

Audio: A 3-note majestic fanfare, actually the beginning of "Leichte Kavallerie: Ouverture" composed by Franz von Suppé. It was used on a few other Korean logos.

Availability: Likely seen on Korean tapes of children's content.

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