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King of Video was a VHS distributor based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was known for distributing many public domain titles of genres such as horror, martial arts, action, etc. In 1986, the company merged with pay TV provider SelecTV Entertainment.

Note: Not to be confused with King of Video Australia.

1st Logo (Early 1980's)

Visuals: An iris-out reveals a crown with nine spikes on it. The spikes are topped with empty circles. Yellow lights flash in the letters of the word "KING" in the top four circles. "Of" then appears in a cursive font while yellow lights flash in the letters of the word "VIDEO", in the next row of five circles. "PRESENTS" then fades in below the crown, and a light bounces to random letters in the text of the logo, as if you were watching the light bounce around on the Press Your Luck board.

Variant: A short version of this logo exists, where the logo fades in as the word "Of" appears.

Technique: Scanimation/CGI.

Audio: A triumphant horn fanfare composed by John Barry for the soundtrack of The Lion in Winter, along with an announcer saying "King of Video is proud to bring you the following motion picture on videocassette."

Availability: Check eBay, Amazon or a used video store for the logo. One tape that has the regular, long version is Elvis The Legend, and one that has the short version is Touch of Satan.

2nd Logo (Early-Mid '80s)

Visuals: On a black space background with white five-pointed stars zooming towards the camera for six seconds, a gold colored "King of Video" text zooms-in with a trail behind it.

Variant: A version with "PRESENTS" appearing has been seen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A hip-hop/rap-rock jingle after three seconds of silence.


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