King-Movie Productions BV

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Logo (1980s?)

Visuals: On a black screen, a sparkling light kicks off a countdown (in rainbow numbers which are scattered all over) from ten, which stops at three. Then, a yellow neon outline of a circle shines at the top of the screen, forming two lines (//) inside. From there a multicolored outline of a neon marquee draws itself onto the screen, with the words


fading in along with it. The marquee shines for about eight more seconds before abruptly cutting to a woman who is dancing as if she were walking a tight rope (but more dramatically), in front of a background reminiscent of Microsoft's "Mystify" screensaver -- albeit symmetrical.

Technique: Scanimate and live action.

Audio: A low beep at each number of the countdown, and then a rock tune (“The Winners” by Francis Monkman and Malcolm Ironton) that fades out on its last note.

Availability: Most likely found on releases by this company at the time.

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