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This is the vanity card of Elizabeth Ito. It is also the name of her own website.

Logo (March 5, 2021)

Visuals: The sequence begins on a black sky with dark orange and pink lines, in which the camera pans down to reveal a sort of synth wave influenced background, with neon blue houses, trees, and a ghost floating around. Then, the word Kikutowne sweeps into place and simultaneously alters its brightness with mini fireworks exploding on it after. As this happens, a boy in yellow peeks out from behind the small blue house. The letters NSD & RNYD are visible at the top left and right corner, with the neon green tape underneath NSD flashing on and off, and the play button shown below RNYD.

Technique: Most likely to be a 2D/sprite animation hybrid.

Audio: A 5-note synth tune (which sustains its last note near the end), followed by the sound of 2 twinks and 2 fireworks.

Availability: Only seen on Netflix's City of Ghosts.

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