Kellogg's Rice Krispies

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1st Bumper (April 6, 1998-1999)

Visuals: In a field of grass at night, a bump in the ground quickly grows and retracts before growing again and turning into some dirt. A sunflower emerges from the dirt and grabs onto the ground with its leaves before rising up as two clouds come in. A glowing yellow orb emerges from the bottom of the sunflower, and the sunflower's head grows leaves around it. Then the sunflower spits out the orb, revealed to be a sun that lights up the sky. As the sunflower finishes growing and shakes a little, the sun rises into the sky, then copyright text fades in at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The 1994-2000 Rice Krispies logo is seen at the bottom-right corner throughout.

Technique: CGI done by Joe Doll Animation, who also animated the 2004-2015 Empire Today endtag.

Audio: A rendition of the "Snap Crackle Pop, Wake Up Call to the World" music from Rice Krispies commercials of the time is heard throughout. Crickets can be heard chirping until the sunflower spits out the orb. As the sunflower spits out the orb, a reversed cymbal crash and a pop is heard. When the bump in the ground grows into dirt, a female voiceover says "Kellogg's Rice Krispies." As the sun rises and lights up the sky, the voiceover says "Celebrating the joy of kids growing through interaction."

Availability: It appeared on 1998-1999 airings of Teletubbies on PBS Kids. The 1998 VHS releases of Here Come the Teletubbies and Dance with the Teletubbies from Warner Home Video, which are pretty easy to find, retain this bumper.

2nd Bumper (September 6, 1999-2000)

Visuals: The bumper begins in a tree on a blue sunny background. The Rice Krispies logo is on the top right corner of the screen and copyright info on the bottom left. A pink mother bird is building a nest with some tree branches as her three children are jumping and chasing each other. The blue and purple birds bump into one another as the pink bird jumps out, hitting the Rice Krispies logo and sending it offscreen; the copyright info fades out while this is happening. The pink bird almost falls out of the nest causing the mother to panic and quickly grab it, bumping into the other two in the process, also almost falling out. The mother grabs the other two birds and nestles them back in the nest and the children one at a time chirp. The mother then uses her feet to pull out a classic looking brown television from in the nest and turns it on. The children notice the television excitedly and jump up and sit down to watch. The mother then sighs and continues to build the nest. The camera then pans to the right to the Rice Krispies logo next to the sun.

Technique: Digital ink and paint animation, which is done by Calabash Animation.

Audio: It starts with a flute and drum tune that is in sync with the animation. Then when the TV turns on, the Dragon Tales theme is heard for the rest of it, followed by a female announcer saying "Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal is glad you chosen to let your children spend some time with Dragon Tales. Kellogg's is proud to be a sponsor."

Availability: It appeared on the first season of Dragon Tales and is kept intact on early VHS and DVD releases of the season from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

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