Kaneko Super Nova System

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The Kaneko Super Nova System was an arcade board manufactured by Japanese company Kaneko during 1996-2002. It was the last arcade board that Kaneko had made.

Logo (September 1996-July 2002)

Visuals: On a black background, the stacked red text "SUPER KANEKO NOVA SYSTEM" wipes in, with "KANEKO" being the corporate logo, "SUPER" and "NOVA" being in a rounded font with the "O" in the style of an eye looking upward, and "SYSTEM" being in a standard font with the trademark. The version number in italics, the system copyright info in white "System Copyright by KANEKO Co., Ltd. 1996 All Rights Reserved" and the byline "Software PRODUCED BY or UNDERLICENSE from KANEKO Co., Ltd.", all wipe in below the logo.


  • There is a version where the version number reads "VER.1.0.0K".
  • On version 1.0.0E of the board, the logo is now on a white square and redesigned as "SUPER KANEKO SYSTEM", with both "SUPER" and "SYSTEM" being in different fonts, and the text being sandwiched by two lines. The version number reads as "VER.1.0.0E".

Technique: Simple computer effects.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen when booting up a Kaneko Super Nova System board. Famous games that use it include the Gals Panic series starting from Gals Panic 4, Jan Jan Paradise and its second sequel, the shoot em' ups Cyvern and Sengeki Striker, and other games like Panic Street, Puzz Loop, and Sen Know.

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