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2 January 2024

18 December 2023

26 November 2023

19 November 2023

  • curprev 11:1111:11, 19 November 2023Cattotld talk contribs 1,961 bytes +33 →‎2nd ID (2016)
  • curprev 11:1011:10, 19 November 2023Cattotld talk contribs 1,928 bytes +1,928 Created page with "{{PageCredits|compiled=Cattotld}} ===Background=== The station's former branding, "'''KONG''' 6/16", refers to its carriage on channel 6 on local cable systems in the Seattle area and its over-the-air digital/virtual PSIP channel 16. It signed on the air on July 8, 1997. It was locally owned, but managed by KING-TV (which had just been acquired by Belo alongside the rest of King Broadcasting) through a local marketing agreement. The KONG call letters were retained as a..."
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