Jia's Motion Picture (H.K.) Co.

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1st Logo (November 11, 1971)

Visuals: In a green background, a red outline of The Thinker between 3D "J" and "S" (also in red), sitting on the "J". Upside it, there is the company's name "Jia's Motion Picture Co." in yellow and in Chinese, as an arc. Then it cross-fades to the Jai.s Scope snippet, which is similar to before, but The Thinker and the "J S" are in yellow, the background is black, and there is the text "Jai.s Scope" slanted at the sides, in yellow.

Technique: A cross-fading effect.

Audio: None.

Availability: Only on Bus Stop, The Jia's first film.

2nd Logo (June 14, 1974)

Visuals: In a cyan background, there is the handwritten red  "J.S" inside a yellow circle. In the sides, there are the giant handwritten red Chinese letters "嘉" and "氏" (in right-to-left writing).

Technique: A still cel image.

Audio: A happy-sounding fanfare, which is a stock music used by other companies like Lui Ming (International) Film Enterprises.

Availability: Seen on The Shaolin Boxer.

3rd Logo (April 3, 1980-1982)

Visuals: Many outlines of the Jia's logo (a red abstract circle J) zooms out in many colors (e.g.: red, green, yellow, blue, cyan and pink) and disappearing. Then, a green outline freezes, which disappears when a bigger yellow outline freezes (and fading out), making fade in the actual logo. At the left-corner of the logo, the "FILM" in white, pops in, one-by-one, in-sync with the music. The Chinese name in yellow ("嘉氏影業(香港)公司") pops in one-by-one and reading from right to left, while the English "JIA'S  MOTION PICTURE (H.K) CO." in white wipes in to right.

Technique: Motion control with 2D animation.

Audio: A majestic trumpet fanfare called "Fanfare Showcase No. 6", composed by Peter Reno and Jack Trombey, which was also used by Cinema City & Films Co. and Rainbow Audio & Video Incorporation.

Availability: Seen on Young Hero, Blood Child (a.k.a. Five Fingers of Steel), and in original prints of Ninja, the Braver (a.k.a. "Dragon, the Young Master").

4th Logo (1987-May 22, 1992)

Visuals: A giant red circle zooms out when a smaller white neon-like outlined circle drawns itself, until it stop inside the white circle, making it flashes. A bigger green outlined circle fades in over the white one, while an even bigger red outlined circle zooms out over the green one by a trail. The "drawned" circle fades out. The black background fades to a starfield with some zooming stars. The 3 outlined circles cross-fade to the red outlined Jia's logo and it cross-fades to the "painted" Jia's logo. The "FILM" text in yellow zooms out to the left-corner of the logo, the Chinese name (in cyan) zooms out from the bottom, an the English name "JIA'S MOTION PICTURE (H.K) CO." (in yellow) pops in one-by-one. The zooming stars disappear when the English name fully appeared, leaving the still stars.

Variant: In VHS releases of Kickboxer's Tears, the logo is open matted.

Technique: Motion control and cel-animation.

Audio: Same as before.

Availability: Seen on Toothless Vampires, Devil HuntersAvenging Trio, The Dragon Fighter and Kickboxer's Tears. It also appeared in a Thai trailer of Killer Angels.

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