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Jarowskij Finland or Jarowskij Drama Finland (Jarowskij Draama Suomi Oy or Jarowskij Suomi Oy in Finnish) was a production company that was established in October 2000, when Swedish production company Jarowskij Group expanded its operations into Finland. During that same year, MTV Oy sold its drama focused production studio MTV Draama to Jarowskij Finland. It became one of largest independent production companies in Finland, focusing on making drama shows and mini-series. In 2005, Jarowskij Finland became part of Zodiak Media Group along with Broadcasters, but the brand of the production company was still used up until 2016, when it was then abandoned and merged with Zodiak Finland.

1st Logo (1999-2001)

Visuals: On a space background with a firework seen on the left, the camera keeps scrolling down, as we see the top of a golden structure with a Winkel tripel world map, followed by golden reindeer heads on red wall mounts, a round clock plate (the clock part spins alternate direction) and wall statues of human heads firing pairs of lasers from their eyes. The camera stops scrolling down at the bottom of the structure, where we see a round cage with a purple light glowing outside of it. A golden plate with the word "JAROWSKIJ" stops spinning in front of the cage, while the rest of the structure keeps going.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None or the ending of the show's theme.

Availability: Seen in early seasons of Haluatko miljonääriksi?, and the Finnish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

2nd Logo (2001-2004)

Visuals: It's the same as the 3rd logo of Jarowskij, except the red castle is being formed in front of a black background, that later becomes an element to the 5th logo later on. The "JAROWSKIJ" text becomes white instead of grayish black and the tower of sharp side triangles has a different shading on it. Obviously, both the red castle and text also lack shadows below them.


  • The short version of the logo on a widescreen exists with the black background.
  • There exists a separate variant in a phone quiz show Ring-a-Ling, where the logo appears to the screen with three frame zoom-in effect. The logo has a soft, yet sketchy appearance with the word "Jarowskij" written in style of signature. Sharp side triangles also exist, while there are half as much compared to regular logo. The logo approaches closer after the light base and plant-like trimmings disappear via mirroring effect. The further complex background with flowers on each side of the screen and water waves on the bottom becoming more visible to see.
  • The original Swedish variant of the logo with a light gray background at the end has been used once as well.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the Swedish counterpart.

Availability: Could be found on numerous Finnish mini-series and drama shows produced by the company at the time.

  • It can also be found at the end of Haluatko miljonääriksi? from the time period.
  • The first season of Käenpesä contains the short variant in widescreen.
  • The gray background variant more commonly seen on Swedish programs can be surprisingly spotted on the Finnish mini-series Vaarallista kokea.

3rd Logo (2004-2016)

Visuals: As the screen fades in, a water waving effect forms a round hill with bright peripheral edge on it on a dark background. The camera zooms further away and the water waving ends, as we get a better view of the hill with clean terrain on both sides and a brightness displaying a large castle on the top of it. As the screen keeps zooming away, the lightning becomes brighter and the castle silhouette wears off. The brightness disappears and forms the red castle logo and "JAROWSKIJ" is formed below by a series of small lightning effects.


  • A five seconds shorter, abridged variant exists.
  • Another abridged variant exists with the identical animation, except the byline "A ZODIAK BRAND" appears below.
  • A later variant has a small byline "part of zodiak media group" appearing below the finished logo.
  • Another variant has a small byline "a zodiak media company" below along with the Zodiak Media logo popping in the right corner. The logo is also moved further up to make space between it and the byline. There also exists the same byline variant without the Zodiak Media logo seen on right.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: At first we hear water rippling, that becomes what sounds like a sound of leaching. With tingling sounds, a three-note beat starts playing repeatedly with a decreasing sound heard in the background.


  • Could be spotted on different programs and television shows, such as Laura kaupungissa and later seasons of Käenpesä.
  • The "A Zodiak Brand" byline variant could be spotted in Tappajan näköinen mies and another one with "a zodiak media company" is found on Kiiltokuvia.
  • The extended variant with the Zodiak Media logo in the corner can be hard to come by, as it is spotted in the mini-series Kansan mies.
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