Italian Cines Company

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The Italian Cines Company (also known as Società Italiana Cines or simply Cines) is a film company founded on April 1, 1906, specializing in producing and distributing films. They were a major film company in the European film industry before World War I took place. The company saw multiple relaunches after the deaths of former presidents until it ceased operations in 1958 and was liquidated by the Finance Ministry.

Logo (1909-1927)

Visuals: Within an outline of a circle is a large flower. Outside of it are two leaves leaning over the circle with one leaf filling a fairly small gap between it and the outline white. They also surround the bottom text "CINES" in a slightly arched format.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appeared on their films from this period as well as several American films they distributed in the Netherlands such as Oh, You Ragtime! and When the Earth Trembled, plastering the Lubin Manufacturing Company's logo on the latter film. The aforementioned Dutch prints as well as Eyefilm's may retain this logo or not.

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