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Ilion Animation Studios is a Spanish CGI studio formed by the founders of Pyro Studios in 2002. The studio's best known works include Planet 51, Mortadelo and Filemon - Mission: Implausible, and Wonder Park. In 2020, the company was purchased by Skydance Media and subsequently rebranded to Skydance Animation Madrid.

Logo (November 14-17, 2009)

Visuals: In a deep blue space, there is a fat, stylized Trojan horse. A door opens underneath its tail and a squad of letters (in Meridien Medium font) swarm out. The big letters ride on the smaller ones as they form "ILION", while the small letters jump and form "ANIMATION STUDIOS" below it. The camera pans around the finished product as it becomes flat.


  • The print logo was used on the port of the Planet 51 game on Nintendo DS. The name is posed under the horse in black.
  • The still version can be found on the Nintendo Wii version of Planet 51 before the still Pyro Studios logo and after the SEGA logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A sudden cymbal crash as the door falls down, followed by a military-style fanfare and the letters yelling cartoonish gibberish. At the very end, there is a high-pitched voice yell something akin to "Witha...HI!", and at the "HI!" the logo cuts to black.

Availability: Seen on Planet 51 (both the movie and the game). It does not appear on Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo or Wonder Park, as Ilion was only an animation producer for the latter.

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