I Love Cinema

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I Love Cinema Co, Ltd is a company created by Sidus HQ in South Korea.

Logo (2004- )

Visuals: On a white background, a red ball bounces from the right. Then a red cylinder with the top pieces cut jumps along with the ball. Then the cylinder falls and brakes, the red ball then jumps on the pieces to put the "I" back together. Then the ball jumps on the cylinder to make a lowercase "I". At the bottom a film reel is seen rolling along with a small black jumping cylinder that also falls and brakes to make a line and some text that says "A sidus HQ Company". Then the words "Love Cinema" fade in with the red "I" to make the company's name. The film reel then rolls in a circle and fades away while the camera then moves up to "I" with the reflection under the "I" fades away and a shadow behind the "I" appears, taken its usual position and completing the logo.

Technique: 3D animation.

Audio: A piano piece along with a xylophone part with a harp piece at the end. While the piece plays, a child is heard giggling then singing to the music then says the company's name along with kids cheering.

Availability: Seen on movies produced and distributed by the company. [Examples?]

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