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1st Bumper (1994-2001)

Visuals: There is an uneven yellow border, with certain parts of it expanded to contain the 1994-2001 Independent Film Channel logo and the text "mpaa rating". Inside the border are moving images of film reel parts as the rating fades in, with a right angle sliding in from the top and a straight line underneath the rating sliding to the right. The text "viewer discretion is advised" is shown if the film is rated R or not rated.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Just an announcer saying "The following film has been rated [MPAA rating] by the Motion Picture Association of America." On R-rated and unrated movies, the announcer adds "Viewer discretion is advised."

Legacy: When the Independent Film Channel rebranded to IFC in 2001, the network phased out rating bumpers. Since IFC's 2010 rebrand, rating bumpers have only been used for programs rated TV-MA.

2nd Bumper (2010-April 30, 2014)

Bumper A: On a letterboxed black background, there is a human hand holding a brain. Another hand comes in, holding what appears to be a stick. The hand uses the stick to cut through the brain (for lack of a better term). The generic "TV-MA" rating icon in white (with whatever content ratings the film has been given), along with text describing what the film contains ("Language," "Sexual Situations" [only used for TV-MA LSV-rated and TV-MA SV-rated films, unlike the next bumper] and/or "Violence"), are shown over the background. Below them is a blue bar with "Viewer discretion advised," and below that, "ALL IFC MOVIES HAVE NOT BEEN EDITED FOR CONTENT OR TIME." The 2010-2014 IFC logo is used for the mention of the channel, and "NOT" is in red and contained in a white box. Everything is presented as a still image.

Bumper B: Same layout as the previous bumper, but the background has a television remote on a gelatin. In addition, "Sexual Situations" is used for both TV-MA LSV-rated, TV-MA LS-rated and TV-MA S-rated films, and the "Viewer discretion advised" bar is red.

Technique: Aside from the background (which looks like live-action), None.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

3rd Bumper (May 1, 2014-September 30, 2018)

Visuals: On a light blue screen is text zoom up. The big text is written in a bold FF Clan font in all caps, while the smaller text written above it is in Prestige font. The text varies depending on what the program is rated. It then cuts to a new screen, this time on a white background. The TV-MA rating (MA in FF Clan font, TV and the content description in Prestige font) pops up, with "Viewer Discretion Advised" above it in Prestige font. Below it is a small bold horizontal line; the text below it designates the content that earns the program its rating. At the bottom is a long horizontal line, with small FF Clan text reading "WE NEVER EDIT MOVIES FOR CONTENT AND TIME", with the 2014-2018 IFC logo on the right of it.


  • If the program is rated TV-MA-VL, the second screen has the FF clan font show what the program is rated for; either "VIOLENCE", "LANGUAGE", "SEXUAL SITUATIONS", or any combination of the 3. A small horizontal line is seen underneath that text, with a smaller FF Clan font reading "WE NEVER EDIT MOVIES FOR CONTENT AND TIME" below that, along with the 2014-2018 IFC log underneath that text. At the very top is the Prestige font reading "Viewer Discretion Advised", as the TV rating for the program pops up.
  • Depending on what the rating is:
    • TV-MA-LSV: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS GROANS, BRUISES, AND TROUBLING WORDS", while the Prestige text reads "Aww Shucks".
    • TV-MA-LV: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR AND COLORFUL LANGUAGE", while the Prestige text reads "Don't Try It At Home".
    • TV-MA-LS: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS FOUR LETTER WORDS, MATING RITUALS AND NAKED BODIES", while the Prestige text reads "Everybody's Doing It".
    • TV-MA-SV: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS MOMENTS OF EXTREME PLEASURE AND PAIN", while the Prestige text reads "Hurts So Good".
    • TV-MA-L: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS LANGUAGE YOU NEVER WANT TO HEAR FROM YOUR MOM", while the Prestige text reads "!@#$ Yeah!"
    • TV-MA-S: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SUGGESTIVE REFERENCES THAT GIRLS ONLY DO", while the Prestige text reads "If You Know What I Mean..."
    • TV-MA-V: The FF Clan text reads "THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS FAKE BULLETS AND BLOOD THAT LOOKS AMAZINGLY REAL", while the Prestige text reads "Bang Pow Ouch".
  • A later variant gets rid of the long horizontal line and places the small horizontal line below the content designations. "CONTENT AND TIME" is changed to "CONTENT OR TIME", and is formatted to the center instead of the left, while the IFC logo is beneath it instead of beside it. The content descriptors also appear in a different order.

Technique: 2D animation. Made at Gretel.

Audio: A 60s cinema-sounding tune.

4th Bumper (October 1, 2018-)

Visuals: The sequence starts on a white background with white underlined text in Times New Roman font reading "The following contains:" typing itself on the top. A square box with a content descriptor in Franklin Gothic Black font ("Bumping Uglies", "Roughhousing", "Cussin'") next to it pops up, with an "x" quickly filling in the box. The top text disappears as each content descriptor cuts out one by one. The screen then cuts to a red screen with white Times New Roman text listing off the content descriptors as stated by the TV Parental Guidelines, as TV-MA in Franklin Gothic Black font and an asterisk next to it slides to the left. Another asterisk appears on the bottom, as the one next to TV-MA spins quickly as the white text "We don't edit movies for content or time" in Times New Roman types itself next to the bottom asterisk, stopping as the text finishes.


  • On TV-MA-L and TV-MA-LV, "Potty Mouths" is used instead of "Cussin'".
  • There is a special variant made specifically for Monty Python's Flying Circus. The content descriptors read "Silliness" and "Naughty Words". When it cuts to the red screen, "Monty Python" slides to the left instead of TV-MA, none of the TV Parental Guidelines descriptors are seen, and the text next to the asterisk reads "Never edited for content or time."
  • For Sherman's Showcase, Unknown.
  • For Baroness von Sketch Show, Unknown.
  • For Fleabag, Unknown.
  • For Eddie Murphy: Raw, Unknown.
  • For the Gilligan's Island, the bumper looks like it was made in the 1960s. It includes outdated language and cultural stereotypes.
  • There is a special disclaimer used for certain movies. It opens with a blank red screen for a few seconds before white Times New Roman text appears. It reads "This film includes language and/or cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today's standards of inclusion and tolerance and may offend some viewers."
  • For SisterS, The following contains potentially sensitive topics. Viewer discretion is advised.

Technique: 2D animation. Like the previous set of bumpers, also made by Gretel.

Audio: Depending on the rating:

  • TV-MA-S: A country sounding tune (heard on any program with an S rating; the tune is extended on SLV).
  • TV-MA-LV: A 60s-cinema sounding tune.
  • TV-MA-L: A bossa nova sounding tune.
  • TV-MA-V: A different bossa nova tune.

A writing sound effect is heard at the typing. A different sound is played for each descriptor: a woman moaning for "Bumping Uglies", a crash for "Roughhousing", and a beep for "Cussin'" (the sound of flushing plays for "Potty Mouths"). A ping sound plays for each "X", while a bump sound plays when the descriptors cut out, and a sliding noise plays for the text sliding. Composed by Antfood.

Audio Variants:

  • For the Monty Python variant, a Pythonesque tune plays, and a low horn is heard for "Silliness" (sounds almost like a cow). The sound effects otherwise remain the same.
  • For the Sherman's Showcase variant, Unknown.
  • For the Baroness von Sketch Show variant, Unknown.
  • For the Gilligan's Island variant, Unknown.

Availability: Current.

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