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Huahua Media is a full-chain international entertainment group, established in Shanghai in 2014, with subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Hong Kong and Africa (excluding Macau, Taiwan and others). It uses technology and cultural dual-core driving to carry high-quality content with its own equipment hardware as the carrier, in order to realize the innovation of people's ways of entertainment and the improvement of consciousness energy. It entered a first look deal with Paramount since 2016.

Logo (July 22, 2016-)

Visuals: On a paper texture background, a dark green brush stroke paints in and expands/separates to create a green/gold gradient tree with leaves, as the camera follows it. As it then zooms out, there's a Chinese translation "华桦传媒" in a tall font with "HUAHUA MEDIA" below, sandwiched by a line.


  • There is an alternate version in which the text is different, consisting of "HUAHUA" in a tall font with "MEDIA" in a spaced out font below, fitting the length of the line.
  • A short version exists, where it begins with the camera zooming out.
  • On Transformers: The Last Knight, the logo is metallic on a black background.

Technique: 2D CGI.

Audio: Paintbrush sounds, coupled with apples eating and birds cawing, ending with a reversed cymbal crash. Sometimes, the opening theme plays over or none.

Availability: This first debuted on Star Trek Beyond, and has been since on films co-financed by them such as the U.S. release of Suburbicon (2017), and Ghost in the Shell, and more.

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