Hrvatska Radiotelevizija

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Croatian Radiotelevision (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija) is the main radio and television provider in Croatia. Founded in 1926 and starting television broadcasts in 1956, it was formerly part of the JRT (Yugoslav Radio Television), where it was known as RTZ and was the first to broadcast in the country. After 1990, where Croatia split from Yugoslavia, it was renamed to HRT and became a full member of the EBU. There are currently 5 main channels: HRT 1 (Founded in 1956), HRT 2 (Founded in 1972), HRT 3 (Founded first in 1989 as Z3, then HTV Z3 before it went off for 3 years after an air raid struck its transmitter. Relaunched in 1994 as HRT 3, before going off the air again and returning in 2012.), HRT 4 (Founded in 2012, currently the international channel since 2015), and HRT 5 (Founded in 2018). Unlike most other public providers, HRT doesn't have any active HD channels.

ID (1994-1996)

Visuals: On a black background, three copies of the 1990-2000 HRT logo ("HRT" in a grey Arial-like font with the "T" having two red blocks make up its bottom stem, with the blocks in a 2x2 cube configuration.) come in from all sides of the screen before fusing into a red/silver line. The line then rotates around to reveal that channel's number, with the blocks attached to it as well (HRT2 has its number zooming in quickly and slowly dropping down. The blocks also had a different movement pattern). The number then stops moving as the blocks give one last rotation.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A quiet, but powerful orchestral fanfare.

Televizja Zagreb
Hrvatska Radiotelevizija
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