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Bumper (2008?-2010s)

Visuals: On a black background, there a purple disc zooms out. It then slides to the right, while a gold disc behind it slides to the left. Two arrows joined together (with VS. in the center) zoom out. Then "GOLD DISC (Original)" appears below the gold disc and "PURPLE DISC (DVD-R)" appears below the purple one, and the following text appears at the top:

Why should we buy
the GOLD DISC (Original)

The words then fade to the following Chinese text:

为何要购买原装光碟 (金碟)
刻录版光碟 (紫碟)?

Everything fades to a new screen, where we see two white-outlined frames at the left of the screen, each with a disc (purple on the first screen and gold on the second), along with a green-outlined rectangle on them. Under the first frame is "DVD-R" and under the second is "Original DVD". At the left is text saying "Can you see the different[sic] between the DVD-R and Original DVD?" and a Chinese translation. The two green-outlined rectangles disappear, and the screens at the left get a close up of where the green outlined rectangle was on, revealing that the purple disc has scratches on it and the gold disc has none. The text at the right changes to "DVD-R is easily scratched and this will affect the image and sound quality" and a Chinese translation, then the discs in the boxes at the left change to the car chase scene from the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace, except the clip in the first box has screen artifacts. A spinning purple disc appears behind the "DVD-R" text and a gold spinning disc appears behind "Original DVD". Under the text at the left appears "And this wont happens to Original DVD[sic]" and a Chinese translation. Later, the text fades to "In conclusion, Original DVD has better quality than DVD-R" and a Chinese translation.

Technique: 2D computer animation and footage from Quantum of Solace.

Audio: The bumper starts with mellow AC-radio-ready rock music with a woman saying "Why should we buy the gold disc, original, and not the purple disc, DVD-R?", then saying the same thing in Chinese. Also the sound in the movie clip.

Availability: Seen on some Asian DVDs, most notably Chinese-language ones distributed across territories such as China and Malaysia. [Examples?]

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