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Logo (1991-1992)

Visuals: The sequence starts against Showtime's "It's Showtime" bumper from the mid 1980's, which starts against a black background with a blue ball moving and the Showtime logo at the time turning against the screen. The text scrolls across to the screen with the blue ball behind it. We stop at the O and the ball flies through the O and the logo zooms out. However, there is a Pac-Man picture trying to cover the blue ball, and "HOME GAME" flashing in red and white on the screen. When we see the Showtime text zooming out, the Pac-Man picture goes to the center of the screen and it cuts to a blue background with the Pac-Man picture on the right side of the screen, now tinted green. To the left of it is the same text, but it's stacked, "HOME" is stretched out, and the entire text changes colors. The text pixelates, spreads out, and crunches up, which is then replaced with "홈게임" which also change colors.

Trivia: Their slogan was, apparently, "Know Silver! Feel Silver!"

Technique: Primitive 2D computer animation, combined with CGI from the Showtime bumper.

Audio: The first half of the music heard in the TOP Video Production logo, that is to say, the beginning of "Ancient Legend" by composer David Arkenstone, with additional high-pitched whooshing and shimmering sounds. This time, synthesized whooshing sounds are added in a couple of spots, and the ending is repeated twice.

Availability: Appears on Korean tapes of the 1977 B-movie Tentacles (known as Holiday Killer over there) and the infamous 1979 video nasty, Zombie.

Legacy: This logo is known for containing footage of a Showtime ID, it's incredibly hard to find and until 2017 when it was spotted on a documentary with behind the scenes footage (see it here at 18:12), no footage of it existed on the internet outside of the Home Game logo until 2023.

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