Holden Production Group Home Video

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Logo (1986-1993)

Visuals: On a dark grey background, 2 sets of blue segmented lines slide together, forming a rounded square shape with an abstract "H" hidden inside of it. A rounded black rectangle with a blue outline slides up from the bottom, and the text "HPG" in big white letters, and "HOME VIDEO" appear via a random line wipe effect.

Variant: On Harvey Penick's Little Red Video, the logo is on a white background, colored red, has a higher-resolution to the logo, and the text reads "A HPG Home Video Presentation" below it.

Technique: Typical '80s computer effects.

Audio: A synth pad, which begins playing over the Warning screen, which is then accompanied a triumphant-sounding fanfare. On most videos, there was no music.

Availability: Seen on several golf-related videos like Ken Venturi's Better Golf Now, and other specialty tapes like Feel The Heat and Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck!. Tapes starting in 1994 had the normal Holden Production Group logo replacing it.

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