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Logo (2003-)

Visuals: On a black background are the words "HiPSOFT" in blue, with the dot in the I replaced with a star and a ball in place of the O. The O vibrates for a few seconds, then the star does the same before settling in place. The url "www.hipsoft.com" appears underneath.


  • On copies of their games from alternative distributors, the website is omitted.
  • On the RealArcade version of Lucky Streak Poker as well as Five Card Frenzy, the RealOne Arcade logo fades in halfway through. Additionally, the HipSoft logo is slightly bigger.
  • In the game's later years, the logo was made HD, and it took place on the game's opening credits.
  • From every game (except Digby's Donuts) starting with Lucky Streak Poker and ending with Puzzle Express, the logo lacked a white outline.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A drumming sound for the O vibrating, followed by a cymbal sounder for the star.

Availability: It has first appeared on Lucky Streak Poker, and has appeared on their other games such as Digby's Donuts, Sportball Challenge, Puzzle Express, Five Card Frenzy, Flip Words, Trivia Machine, Jig Words, Gem Shop, and the Build-a-Lot series, among others.

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