Herr's Video Productions

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Herr's Video Productions was a Hmong home video distributor based in Sacramentro, California. They distributed tapes as early as 1995 and later as 2009.[1]

Logo (1995)

Visuals: The Earth is spinning against a smoky background, both of which are tinted gold. The tint quickly wears off and both are colored blue, the Earth of which has multiple clouds scattered all over itself. Flying in and sliding back and forth is the company name in gold and a Balloon-like font alongside "PRESENT" underneath. The background footage pans away from the Earth, gradually slowing down and into the Earth again. At this point, the text flies away and the camera zoom-in gradually speeds up.

After the screen flashes white, four vibrant fireworks, made up of triangles, go off and are colored white, magenta, cyan, gold. Before the last one dissipates, the screen cuts to a scrolling space background. It darkens and then a white ball of light scrolls from the right, bursting once it stops in the center. After that, the following text is displayed on a gray background:


P.O.BOX. 232765

SACRAMENTO, CA. 95823-0429

U. S. A.

Tel. & Fax. (916) 392-9564

After that, the screen brightens up and the text fades away.

Technique: CGI for the Earth footage and fireworks; cheap 2D effects for the text and ball of light.

Audio: A loud, low quality rock soundtrack.

Availability: It was seen on Siab Puas Tsus, among other Hmong romantic dramas and music video tapes distributed by the company.