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HC2 Holdings and DTV America are the holding company names of Innovate Corp., who operates over 200 low-power television stations across the United States. All of their stations are ran out of Innovate's master control centralcasting hub and are primarily reliant on programming from 24-hour digital multicast networks such as Antenna TV, Bounce, Grit, Justice Network, etc.

1st ID (Mid 2010s-)

Visuals: On a blue gradient background is a red rectangle with the station's callsign in italic colored in white, and a dark bluish square next to it containing the channel number (in the same style as the callsign), both shown on top of a black rectangle with the orange name of the city and the initials of the state where the city is located in. A sweeping transition then plays, making the logo disappear. The logo then appears again using the same transition.

General Variants:

  • Sometimes, the transition is replaced with a simple fade.
  • A different version can be seen on several stations where the DTV America logo appears at the top and a different rotating cube transition is used.
  • At least one station features the ID without an animated transition.

Specific Variants: Below is a list of all known stations that had used this template:

  • Wiping transition: WPSJ-CD 8 (Hammonton, NJ); KUVM-LD 10 (Houston, TX); W16CC-D 16 (Miami, FL); K18JL-D 18 (Phoenix, AZ); W20ER-D 20 (Bangor, ME); KNAV-LD 22 (Dallas, TX); KTOU-LD 22 (Oklahoma City, OK); WGPS-LD 22 (Fort Myers, FL); W02CY-D 24 (New York, NY); WPVN-CD 24 (Chicago, IL); W31EZ-D 25 (Chicago, IL); W27EQ-D 27 (Peoria, IL); KHPK-LD 28 (De Soto, TX); KUGB-CD 28 (Houston, TX); KVDF-CD 31 (San Antonio, TX); K33LN-D 33 (Minneapolis, MN); WTXX-LD 34 (New Haven, CT); KRZG-CD 35 (McAllen, TX); WCTZ-LD 35 (Bowling Green, KY); WKOB-LD 42 (New York, NY); KSKJ-CD 45 (Van Nuys, CA); WQDH-LD 49 (Wilmington, NC); WQEO-LD 49 (Memphis, TN); KEMO-TV 50 (Fremont, CA); K17MJ-D 51 (San Antonio, TX); KAZH-LD 57 (McAllen, TX)
    • For the KVDF-CD and WTXX-LD variants, the wiping plays at a faster rate.
    • For the KRZG-CD variant, the wiping animation seems to hang twice for a second before resuming.
    • There has been a test variant that is reported to appear across stations where the callsign reads "TEST-DT", the channel number reads "99", and the city name and state initials read "community, ST", pointing to this ID likely being made from a template.
  • Fading transition: WGCE-CD 6 (Rochester, NY); KTVP-LD 23 (Phoenix, AZ); K33LN-D 33 (Minneapolis, MN); WPDE-LD 33 (Indianapolis, IN); KRLJ-LD 45 (Joplin, MO)
  • No transition: KNBX-CD 31 (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Cube transition with DTV America logo: WZCK-LD 8 (Madison, WI); KAJF-LD 21 (Kansas City, MO); KPMF-LD 26 (Memphis, TN); KEHO-LD 32 (Houston, TX); KFVT-LD 34 (Wichita, KS); WQEK-LD 36 (Memphis, TN); WFEF-LD 50 (Orlando, FL)

Technique: Mostly 2D computer animation, though the DTV America variants use CGI animation.

  • These are believed to have been made entirely using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Audio: A stock guitar theme.

Availability: Currently in use on several stations owned by HC2 Holdings or DTV America.

Legacy: These IDs are somewhat infamous within the logo community due to their almost-identical appearance and the transitions used.

2nd ID (2015(?)-)

Visuals: A spinning globe with multiple moving rings and blue/red/blue surrounding it is shown over a moving background of different blue-tinted lights and shapes. There is another cut where the globe appears rotating closer to the center, and the callsign logo, in a similar layout to the previous IDs, slides in from the right, with each rectangle having rounded corners, and the bottom rectangle containing the location info being much thinner. All the texts are also bold and non-italic and colored with a metallic-looking gradient.

Trivia: This ident uses a stock After Effects template from Envato's VideoHive marketplace titled News Ident Pack, originally created by user "333pix". Its product page can be seen here.

  • It should noted that the logo template used here is coincidentally similar to the one used in the previous ID set.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the 1st ID set.

Availability: So far, this has only been seen on WBWT-LD in Milwaukee, WI.

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