Hãng Phim Trẻ

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Hãng Phim Trẻ is a public Vietnamese company established on March 1, 1991 by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to promote Vietnam's national culture and government ideals.

Logo (1990s-)

Visuals: Near a blue surface, the camera rotates around a prism with filmstrip-style holes at the bottom. A silver filmstrip appears circling around the prism while the camera rotates. After a few seconds, the filmstrip curls from the bottom to the right into the top. The camera starts to face the side of the prism, and once it settles, a bright flare appears near the left, which later morphs into a red circle. The silver text "HÃNG PHIM TRẺ - TRUNG TÂM BĂNG NHẠC TRẺ" wipes in below the logo. The animation usually plays with a blue frame surrounding it.


  • Most of the time, the screen fades out before the text completely wipes in.
  • One variant had the logo freeze before the text wipes in, with the blue "HÃNG PHIM TRẺ" zooming in from the center of the prism to the bottom.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A pop-style synth brass fanfare.

Availability: Seen mostly on music VCDs and DVDs by the company, like Bao Công Tra Án Ngũ Thử. It is also seen on documentaries such as Khám phá Việt Nam Chùa Cổ Việt Nam.

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