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Grosso-Jacobson Productions is a joint production company founded in 1980 by former NYPD detective and producer Sonny Grosso (famous for his investigations on the infamous French Connection along with fellow officer Eddie "Popeye" Egan, which inspired Robin Moore's novel and the 1971 film by William Friedkin (Grosso was played by Roy Scheider)) and Larry Jacobson, producer and writer (Married... With Children, Late Night with David Letterman).

1st Logo (January 31, 1985-January 5, 1989)

Visuals: On a light blue background, the GJ Polygon logo in blue is seen in the middle of the screen. The name in black scrolls from the left side of the screen and hits the logo to the right side of the screen. The name scrolls to span the entire screen.

Technique: The GJ getting knocked out and name. [possible misuse]

Audio: A synth theme.

Availability: Seen on Night Heat, Hot Shots, and Out of the Darkness.

2nd Logo (September 13, 1986-September 12, 2009)

Visuals: Against a NYC background, a polygon-like shape bulges out and tilts while a trailing outline flips down and flashes, forming the Grosso-Jacobson logo is formed in blue with yellow border. The logo zooms out revealing a line and the name in yellow.

Variant: One variation of the logo replaced "PRODUCTIONS" with "COMMUNICATIONS".

Trivia: Despite the September 11 attacks in 2001, the World Trade Center "Twin Towers" strangely remained in the background of this logo until it was discontinued in 2009.

Technique: Live-action with CGI.

Audio: The closing theme of the movie or show.

Availability: Can be found of a number of TV-movies, for example All Around Town and Citizen Jane. Also seen on Pee Wee's Playhouse.

3rd Logo (June 24, 1998)

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