Great Movies IND LTD

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Logo (1998-20??)

Visuals: The screen fades in from black to see, on a space background, a blue and white Earth rotating with stars radiating behind it from the center of the screen. The company name (GREAT MOVIES IND. LTD.), in gold and 3D, then fades in while spinning around Earth for a while before stopping to spin downwards and in the opposite direction to place itself under the planet while straightening itself out. The company's initials, in red and also in 3D, then zoom in from the Earth until it covers a decent amount of the planet's center. The planet and the company's name and initials then fade out, with the word "Presents", in cursive and colored in a red-white gradient, then fades in in their place.

Technique: 3D animation for the globe and company name and initials, simple fading effects for "Presents", and possible computer animation for the stars.

Audio: A sample of "Courage" by Network Music Ensemble, along with an orchestral rendition of "SOS" by ABBA from The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & The Royal Choral Society when "Presents" appears.

Availability: Seen on movies by the company, some examples including Richiesse Sans Paix and its sequel, Suicide Mission, Osuofia The Food Destroyer, the Billionaires Club trilogy and Sister Mary. It is not known if this logo appears on the company's later releases like Women of Faith and its sequel, Palace Slave and Shattered Mirror and its sequel.

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