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Gorilla Systems Corporation was an American video game developer which primarily produced games targeted at girls.

1st Logo (August 28, 1995)

Visuals: On a black background, the white text "Another Great Game brought to you by..." is seen in the middle of the screen, stacked in 3 rows. After a few seconds, it disappears and the actual logo begins with an iris-in effect. A monochrome image of what seems to be a jungle canopy is seen, with a palm tree on the right and, more notably, the letters "GORILLA" in giant monoliths rising above the trees in an arc shape. The sun is seen shining through the 2nd "L". In front of the letters is a pair of twin pillars, containing a gorilla and a television, and the ape is seen scratching his head before resting in a neutral position. It then leans back briefly before looking closer at the TV, picking up a gaming controller, and then jumping up and down in excitement before freezing in place and cutting to the title screen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Silence at the beginning, before leading into a deep 16-bit tune that ends with a triumphant melody before it plays the game's title theme.

Availability: Seen only on their first game, FlipOut! for the Atari Jaguar.

2nd Logo (1997-2009)

Visuals: On a white/grey background split vertically down the middle, a small silhouette of a gorilla standing up is seen in a reversed grey/white color scheme. In front of it, there is the text "GORILLA" in black and the text "SYSTEMS CORPORATION" on the left side of it. The text is surrounded by a thin black rectangle.


  • Starting in 2003, the logo contained a brown-furred, buck-toothed cartoony gorilla (in a Butch Hartman design) standing on the right side of the screen. The background is also now lime and white, the lime section is pushed farther to the left of the screen, the gorilla blinks once or twice. This version debuted on the PC version of The Fairly OddParents!: Breakin' da Rules.
  • On more "girl-centric" games, the gorilla now appears to be holding a blue flower behind it, with one of the petals on the ground next to it. The logo design's also quite different, with the small gorilla gone and the text shifted up onto a yellow bar against a orange background. A circular pattern can also be seen on the gorilla's belly.
  • On the Nancy Drew games it developed, the gorilla now has its arms straight up while a flashlight shines on it. The background has a yellow wall and green floor, and the logo's off to the left side, mostly obscured by the darkness. "SYSTEMS CORPORATION" also makes a return here.
  • On the All Star Cheer Squad games, the logo is shown on a white/orange background, and the "Nancy Drew" text variant is present in grey. The gorilla, however, now looks different, wearing a red/yellow cheerleading outfit, red lipstick, and 2 small pigtails on its head. 2 pom-poms are also shown, one on his head and the other on the ground, complete with fragments.
  • On Cake Mania: In The Mix!, the logo is the same as the previous variant, but the gorilla now wears a chef's hat, has a small black mustache, and is holding a sloppy-looking cake. An orange plate is also seen on the ground.
  • On The Clique: Diss and Make Up, the same logo variants from before is used, but the gorilla is now dressed like a generic teenage girl.
  • Sometimes, "SYSTEMS CORPORATION" is absent.

Technique: A still digital graphic, or computer animation.

Audio: None, or two bouncing sounds.

Availability: It can be seen on multiple games, like some Barbie games, The Proud Family (GBA), and the games mentioned above.

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