Goodyear Movie Company

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Goodyear Movie Company was a film production company, based in Hong Kong.

Logo (February 17, 1979-1987)

Visuals: On a blue starry background, there is the gold script "Goodyear" slowly wiping in as stars sparkle, followed by stacked "MOVIE COMPANY" in ITC Kabel Ultra fading in on the right. The whole logo (very choppily) zooms out to the left-hand side of the screen to make room for the orange Chinese translation of the name, which wipes in next to the logo.

Variant: A dark blue version of the normal logo exists.

Technique: Early 2D animation.

Audio: A slightly-shortened version of "Fanfare Showcase No. 2" by Peter Reno and Jack Trombey.

Availability: Seen on Fearless Hyena, The Loot, and other movies from the company as well.

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