Golden Satellite

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1st logo (1990s-2000s?)

Visuals: In space, there is a satellite of some kind fly past Earth as an orange glow moves past and the golden 3D letters "GS" fly by close to the camera. The satellite then shoots two short orange beams from its parabolic antenna to form the letters "G" and "S" and, afterwards, it fires a long beam of the same color that leaves behind the yellow text "GOLDEN SATELLITE (M) SDN. BHD." Silver, 3D Chinese text spelling the company's name in that language then flies in and places itself between the satellite and the company's English name.

Technique: Entirely done with CGI.

Audio: A light technological music piece accompanied by whooshing sounds, beam firing sounds and the satellite's beeping at the end.

Availability: Seen on their VCD releases at the time, two examples being The Untold Story III, Anak Halal and Fighting for Love.

2nd logo (2000s-early 2010s?)

Visuals: In space, there is the same satellite from the first logo fly past Earth and upwards until Earth is out of view, briefly stopping before shining brightly and shooting out the golden letters "G" and "S", which then zoom to the left side of the screen below the satellite. The satellite then quickly shoots an orange laser beam from left to right that leaves behind the company's full name in English ("GOLDEN SATELLITE MARKETING SDN. BHD."), in gold, and the company's name, in Chinese, 3D and silver, then zooms in and places itself under the company's English name, character-by-character. The text and satellite then shine.

Technique: Entirely done with CGI.

Audio: A calmer, lighter and more ambient theme accompanied by the sounds of whooshing, shining and laser firing.

Availability: Seen on their releases at the time, some examples including Taishou Yakyuu Musume and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

3rd logo (2010s-)

Visuals: In space and above Earth with the Moon in the background, there is the satellite from the previous logos approaching Earth before we cut to a different shot of it flying by Earth. The screen then cuts again to a satellite shot of the western side of the United States, and the satellite then hurtles towards Earth and the San Francisco Bay Area before reaching the city of San Francisco. The screen briefly flashes white, and the camera zooms out to reveal, under the satellite, which is hovering over the city's skyline, the company's names in both English ("GOLDEN SATELLITE DISTRIBUTION SDN. BHD.") and Chinese and in 3D and gold. Both names shine.

Technique: Entirely done with CGI.

Audio: A calm, light technological theme accompanied by whooshing sounds.

Availability: Seen on their more recent and current releases, one example being Devotion.