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This was the initial name of Glen A. Larson's production company, Glen Larson Group. It was formed in the early 1970s with an arrangement at Universal Television. In 1980, he moved his affiliation to 20th Century Fox Television. During the time, he was best known for hits like Battlestar Galactica, Magnum, P.I. and The Fall Guy. In the late 1980s, he attempted to launch two independent production companies, both of which produced one-off projects: New West Entertainment, to produce The Highwayman and New East Entertainment, to produce The Road Raiders, while the Glen Larson Productions branding continued to be used for co-productions, and the New West and New East labels being dissolved. In 1993, it was renamed to Larson Entertainment.

Logo (October 24, 1981-January 4, 1992)

Visuals: On a black background, long gold light streaks travel from all sides of the screen, crossing each other in a spot on the upper left hand side. When the light streaks connect with each other, there are a few visible sparkles. The light streaks form a round square-like shape. The shape flashes brightly as two more streaks (which come from the top and left sides of the screen) go through it. The flash reveals a shining gold capital "G" (outlined in white) with an "L" crossing through the bottom part of it. At the same time, white text appears to the right that says "A GLEN LARSON PRODUCTION". Then more text appears underneath that says "IN ASSOCIATION WITH".

Trivia: The logo was animated by Ed Kramer at Image West in Hollywood, California.


  • A videotaped variant without the "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" text exists.
  • Depending on the film print, the background may sometimes be dark turquoise or dark blue.
  • A short version also exists.
  • On Image West demo reel #20 (1982), a rainbow streak swirls around the logo, transitioning into the next animation on the tape.
  • A print version of the logo exists, which appears on early episodes of The Fall Guy.

Technique: A mix of Scanimate and computer animation.

Audio: A dramatic six-note orchestral score, composed by Glen A. Larson himself.

Audio Variants:

  • On Knight Rider, the logo theme has been re-orchestrated and sped-up.
  • Also on some shows, Mr. Larson's voice over would say: "[NAME OF THE SHOW] is a Glen Larson Production..."
  • On the Image West demo reel, it's the background music used on the tape.

Availability: Seen on shows by the company from the time-period until January 1992.

  • Examples include The Fall Guy, Automan, Manimal, Masquerade, Cover Up, Knight Rider and TV movies.
  • It is also intact on DVD releases of both The Fall Guy and all four seasons of Knight Rider.
  • The Image West demo variant is available on Image West demo #20, which can be found on the Scanimate DVD compiled by Dave Sieg.
Glen Larson Productions
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